Dog Training 


Located in Columbia City, Indiana, just a short drive from Fort Wayne and Warsaw, we provide expert dog training and puppy training services

Our dog training services include group classes, private dog training, as well as doggy day school, kennel-free boarding, and veterinary behavior consulting for dogs and cats. We only use positive, non-aversive and Fear Free techniques that are all science based and proven to support learning and create a happier pet.

Group Dog Training Classes

We offer a variety of training classes for you and your pet to learn multiple skills and behaviors. These classes will always be taught using positive , non-aversive methods (ie: clicker training) to ensure you and your pet build a trusting and happy life-long relationship.

puppy classes in columbia city, indiana
dog obedience classes in columbia city, indiana


Come learn how to care for your new puppy, ages 7 weeks- 6 months. Teach your puppy important social skills, proper body handling, calming and focusing behaviors, as well as simple play time with other puppies. Learn the beginnings of clicker training, skills such as recall, go to mat, sit, down, target, responding to fears and anxieties, as well as body handling.

  • WHEN: Wednesday evenings for 4 consecutive weeks

  • Puppy Social Skills (7wks-14wks) : 5:30pm-6:30pm

  • Puppy Life Skills (12wks-6 months) : 7pm-8pm

  • INVESTMENT: $100

Adult Skills/Manners Class, Specialty Classes

The basic adult courses are designed for dogs older than six months to teach everyday manners and skills such as sit, loose-lead walk and a reliable recall. Specialty classes will vary throughout the year to offer a variety of services and activities to all ages and interests of dogs and handlers. We also offer short seminars (1-3 hrs) throughout the year on different topics to educate participants on behavior and training.

  • WHEN: Saturday afternoons for 4 consecutive weeks.

  • Adult Skills/Manners 1 pm -2 pm

  • Specialty Classes (Agility, Vets & Pets Are Pals, etc) 3 pm - 4 pm

  • INVESTMENT: $100

private dog trainer in fort wayne indiana

Private Training

Private one-on-one training sessions are available and are great for a variety of situations, including:

  • Sometimes you just can’t sign up for a class because life is too busy but still want the benefits of having help with training your best friend.

  • Perhaps your pooch is very shy and a group setting is just a little too overwhelming for him.

  • Your pet has a behavior you would like changed but you are not sure how to make that happen.

There are so many training sites and information out there so how do you know what is right? We can help. Our private sessions are set up either with one of our team members or we can refer you to another positive, non-aversive trainer in Northeast IN that can come to your home to help you. No matter what you and your pet’s needs are we will work with you to help define the problem and create positive, life improving solutions.

INVESTMENT: $85 per hour

*Please note that some behavior problems are considered training problems while others are disorders and require a veterinary diagnosis. We at Pet Pals Country Club are unique in that we have the ability to manage and treat both levels of problems. We also understand when to recommend a referral to a Veterinary Behaviorist who is board certified to handle such cases.

dog day training in fort wayne, indiana

Day School

Why choose Day School for your dog’s training?

  • Do you have a young energetic dog who needs a lot of activity and training time but you have a busy schedule?

  • Perhaps a sweet senior pooch who could use some healthy mental stimulation and a chance to get out to potty multiple times a day when you have a full work schedule?

Day School could be the perfect solution, your dog can come stay with us at Pet Pals for a day once or twice a week or maybe just once a month and we will not only care for them and provide playtime throughout the day as a doggy daycare would, but we will set up a training plan with you prior to their stay and provide a minimum of three training sessions per daily visit. We will send you home with a written report and sometimes video of our training progress so you can continue training with success at home! And hopefully you will have a tired pooch for the evening to enjoy also! If you’d like to drop your dog overnight for board and train services, check out our Boarding options.

INVESTMENT: $42 for a full day includes playtime and individual training sessions

INVESTMENT: $27 per day (or $100 for a 4-day week) for playtime w/o individual training sessions

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For issues such as separation anxiety, aggression of any kind, fears and anxieties, or phobias we offer Behavior Consults that treat these behavioral disorders. These appointments include a complete work-up and diagnosis with Dr. Colleen Quinn who can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication for your pet when needed. Read more about rates, what to expect, and how to get started with a Behavior Consult by clicking the button below.