Dog Boarding &
Board and Train


 we know that Your Dog may be stressed while away from home, so we have set up our entire facility to maintain their comfort

We will inquire about your pet’s specific needs, anxieties, and preferences so we can make their visit comfortable and Fear Free. We can also help deal with any fear, anxiety, and stress your pet has in other environments such as the veterinary clinic, groomers, or in your own home through behavior consulting and training services.

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Boarding Assessment

We want to ensure every dog has a calm, stress-free stay with us at Pet Pals Country Club which means we have a few requirements prior to boarding with us.

  1. It is important that all our guests are friendly towards people and other pets and will be able to handle the influx of new dogs and training classes that will be held at our facility.

  2. We ask that each dog come for a short assessment with one of our trained staff so we can observe their behaviors and discuss with you any concerns we may see. This should only last approximately a half an hour and will be time well invested for your dog’s future visit. Please call or email to set up a time for the assessment.

INVESTMENT: Assessment cost is $15 which will be applied towards your first day of boarding, or any other service we offer

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Overnight Guests

When you have to be away from home for business or an emergency, or are taking that well deserved vacation, you want peace of mind that your canine family member is as comfortable and cared for as he would be at home. Pet Pals Country Club offers exactly that...and more.

Our boarding guests stay in our beautiful 1910 five bedroom farmhouse along with our resident team member, Katy. There is a maximum of only seven overnight guests so individual attention is always a priority. No need to pay extra for walks, cuddle time or kongs to make their stay more’s all included! And because our staff is well trained in behavior we can recognize any signs of stress or anxiety in your pet and address it right away. We have special calming pheromones, Thundershirts, and music specifically designed to relax dogs all available if needed.

All dogs who board with us are required to be pet and people friendly so there will be a low stress environment for everyone. A large fenced yard with lots of toys and agility equipment will help keep their minds and bodies busy! And at the end of the day they will sleep in a comfortable bed in either a bedroom upstairs or on the main level. We can accommodate for many special needs such as diabetes, arthritic pets, and pets with allergies.

You will be able to relax while away from home because your best friend will be relaxing with us!

Your investment for this Peace of Mind is only $65 a night. Your pooch’s first night with us will be charged as day one but if picked up before 10 am on the last day that day will not be charged. You are welcome to bring any toys, treats, or bedding from home that will help make the stay more comfortable. We ask that you bring your own pet food so as not to cause your pet an upset stomach(but if you forget, run out, or they get an upset tummy anyway we will have Science Diet Intestinal Diet formula on hand).

All guests will be required to be current on Rabies, DAPP, and Bordetella vaccines. Influenza vaccine is highly recommended but not required at this point. All dogs must be spayed/neutered unless under special circumstances. A Behavior Assessment must be completed prior to staying overnight.

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Overnight Guests with Day School

Any guests who are staying overnight can add training services to their schedule for just $15 per day. This entails drawing up a training plan when you bring your dog for boarding so we can work on the desired skills several times a day. Such training issues might include: jumping up, not coming when called, pulling on the leash, counter-surfing, or house training issues. Please let us know if you might be interested in this when you schedule to board so we can best serve your pet’s needs.